VertiGuard: Posturography and Balance Therapy

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New Publications 2021

Two papers published in Q1/2021 underpin the leading technological position of our  VertiGuard® System. It's mobile posturography (as opposed to technologies where the patients stands on force plates) was the precondition for the first study. In the second paper, the outstanding effectiveness of the systems vibrotactile neurofeedback Balance Therapy was proven one more time!

A static sound source can improve postural stability during walking

While posturography usually explaines postural control to be regulated by the visus, proprioception and the balance organ, this new studie shows the influence of spatial hearing. This is primarily visible during walking and therefore shows once more that posturography on force plates is no longer compeitive.

Vestibular rehabilitation with mobile posturography as a “low-cost” alternative to vestibular rehabilitation with computerized dynamic posturography, in old people with imbalance: a randomized clinical trial

This paper from Spain could show again that the effectiveness of the vibrotactile Neurofeedback with the VertiGuard® RT is superior compares to other - much more expensive - devices. Read more about the successfull prevention of falls in this study on 40 Patients.

Early treatment of balance deficits supports prevention of falls and their serious consequences in elderly people.

Die frühzeitige Therapie von Gleichgewichtsproblemen trägt dazu bei, die oft folgenschweren Stürze gerade älterer Menschen zu reduzieren!

VertiGuard® RT

Mobile Posturogrtafie & Gleichgewichtstherapie



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